Business Information Hosts Veterans’ Care Package Program

What a joy to work together with the ISU Veterans’ Sanctuary on Friday, March 4, as we prepared care packages for the Idaho Army National Guard’s 148th Field Artillery who were deployed to Iraq in September. Veterans’ Sanctuary is a transition and support program at ISU for Veterans and current members of the United States military. Several BI  students and faculty helped bundle about 30 packages with goodies ranging from camouflage Easter eggs, beef sticks, and tuna packets, to homemade cards from ISU students and others who support our military personnel.

Tammy Godfrey, a Business Information student and member of the ISU Armed Forces Veterans’ Club, organized this very worthwhile project. According to Tammy, “this worthwhile project, which reflects positively on all of ISU, would not be possible without the help and generosity of our students, faculty, and staff.” President Vailas also met with Tammy and others who support this very important project.

A special thanks to  Tammy Godfrey, who organized and raised funds for this event,  Casey Santee, Veterans’ Sanctuary director, and President Vailas for their support. People like you make ISU look good!


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